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  • Bio Snacks


    A snack that is both healthy and tasty, you do not come across those to often!

    Certified Gluten free, made from fully organic ingredients, without cholesterol or trans fat, totally free of chemicals and artificial additives. Baked at a low temperature this snack is not just a healthy treat for your child but also for you.
















  • Breakfast Bites


    A collection of different ingredients which are the ideal supplement to your breakfast. It is delicious as an ad-on or even replacement of muesli or just simply in your yoghurt. A fantastic addition to your granola, smoothie or just use it as a snack. No doubt there are a lot more dishes which can be enriched by this versatile product. Share it with us!
















  • Dressings


    Lovely salad dressings to dress up your favourite greens. They taste so good you will probably start eating a lot more salads! Available in several varieties.

















  • Honey


    We have little to say about this product – it is honest to goodness, tasty honey, packaged for easy use.


















  • Oil and vinegar


    A beautiful collection of different oils and vinegars - truffle, garlic and olive oil of course. Our organic vinegars are available in red wine and apple. 




















  • Natural Foods


    A selection of seeds and berries that can contribute to good health. Not only ideal for snacks, but also handy to use in muesli, yoghurt and salads. Pop a container in your child’s lunch box. A totally natural product, our seeds only hail from harvests of impeccable quality.

















  • Sauces


    An unique variety of sauces that is a must in all kitchens. It can be used in nearly everything you prepare. Ideal format, easy to administer, handy to take along and won’t spill or leak. The tell-tale sign of bottles brought to our company barbecue is evidence enough!



















  • Soups and meals


    Soup in easy to open packaging, quick to prepare and simply delicious. Available in 6 varieties – clear vegetable soup, tomato soup with mascarpone, clear chicken soup, pea soup, forest mushroom soup and tomato soup with olive oil and basil. Hungry yet?


















  • Sweet Sandwich Toppings


    Ample dark and milk chocolate sprinkles (Hagelslag in Dutch) in unique packaging that stays intact with frequent use. See for yourself – it is Cool for Kids! (and even for adults!)